What is depression? It is an illness,a state of low mood with a sense of detachment or aversion to activity that affects an individual’s thoughts,behavior,feeling and sense of well being. Depression may be common but it is rather a serious illness. This illness needs to be treated properly to save the depressed individual from severe effects.
Some of the common symptoms of depression are as follows,

Losing interest in activities that you used to enjoy at some point of time in life.
Feeling detached from family members and close friends.
Problem in concentrating in the work you try to get done.
Change in appetite(either over eating or losing interest in the food and hence dieting),like the emotional eating disorder that could be a result of depression.
Feeling miserable,frustrated and under confident.
Weight loss or weight gain issues due to wrong eating habit.
There are six different types of depression and they are as under:
1. Major Depressive Disorder: This illness is also known as clinical disorder. A person suffering from clinical depression experiences extreme sadness,hopelessness,lack of energy,and changes in sleep or eating habit. The person feels the low mood for most of the days and almost feels the never ending cycle of despair and sadness. It could be treated by proper medical treatment and anti depressant medication.
2. Bipolar Disorder or Maniac Disorder: It is one of the common types of depressions that show the symptoms of cycling mood swings or changes from extreme highs to extreme lows. A bipolar depressant person might seem like all opposite to being anything but depressed due to its different symptoms that are not easy to understand. Proper medical treatment and family support is something that can help cure this illness.
3. Dysthymic Disorder: It is one of the types of depressions in which the person experiencing dysthymic depression feels mild depression and hence misjudges it for being their personal trait,and hence the depression gets unnoticed for a long time.
4. Endogenous Depression: This is one of the rare types of depressions in which depression comes due to some some internal factors like stress and worry.
5. Situational Depression: This is other rare type of depression in which the person suffering from it experiences depressions in some particular situations and in other cases they won’t experience it.
6. Psychotic Depression: It is another form of depression in which a person suffering from psychotic depression experiences low mood state in addition to that delusion or hallucinations.
Besides all the medical treatment other emotional support that we can provide to a depressed person could do wonders for them and could help them to redevelop that confidence and positivity in life. Every individual should have an optimism in life and a strong faith in God that everything will be fine one day. Try to start your day with smile and laughter as one has truly said that laughter the best medicine that can cure any problem. So take care of yourself before it gets too late to understand your own feelings.
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Depression and Its Types