Sometimes life can be so overwhelming that we do not know how to cope or where to turn. Talking to a professional in confidence may help you to understand and acknowledge the feelings you are experiencing and enable you to begin to move forward in your life.

With Psychosynthesis Therapeutic Counselling you can talk freely about your life and feelings. The therapy I offer is a gentle process allowing you to explore your feelings and difficulties in a confidential and non-judgmental environment.


You will be listened to and helped to gain an understanding of your issues. I offer you a supportive and empathic therapy, focusing on you as a unique individual with your own experiences. I work with a wide range of issues, including relationships, stress, anxieties, or feelings of worthlessness amongst many others. Often there is more than one reason why you might have a vague feeling of upset in your life.

In a safe, confidential space, we will explore your painful and difficult feelings and gain insight into how past experiences may have shaped you. This insight can lead to a profound change and growth and help you to deal much more effectively with emotional problems. Examining your personal story could bring to light what it is that no longer makes sense to you and makes you feel unhappy. Together we will discover who you really are, exploring the conflicts, challenges and issues that are holding you back from experiencing a fulfilled life.


What is Psychosynthesis?

In 1911 Roberto Assagioli, a psychiatrist in Italy, created a new dynamic psychology demonstrating how our childhood affects our present and our future, creating a vast potential for healing and change. He regarded the spiritual side of human beings as the source of creativity and aspirations in each and every one of us.

He formulated his discoveries in a new form of therapy, Psychosynthesis, working with the whole being and guiding each person to reach an understanding of the meaning of their life.

His learnings have been validated by many others and, increasingly, therapists all over the world have been influenced by him.